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Automatic air escape valves

All Airex valves are supplied with a ball valve that is screwed onto the connecting pipe.

The only moving part in the Airex valve is the float, hence minimum wear. An additional advantage is that the float does not let the circulating water rise to the level in the valve that it risks clogging the valve.

More valve data:


We test all valves before delivery.

Here you can download:
Airex - Service.pdf (0,2Mb)
Airex Minor - Service.pdf (0,22Mb)
Declaration of Articles for Construction.pdf (This description is in Swedish, 2.75 Mb)

The Airex valve is made of nickel plated brass, hence no metal that can oxidize and no plastic part that can corrode by contact with glycol or other chemicals.

Two rubber details, two gaskets, are made of nitrile rubber (SIS 162630-705 ) , hence the valves can be used for liquids other than water. In addition to this there are fiber washers that swells and seals in the unlikely event of a leak.

- It leaks just enough to signal if an error has occurred, but not so much that damage can develop.

AIREX and AIREX Minor are used in heating systems, expansion vessels, water purification systems, water heaters, refrigeration installations, pressure vessels, solar water heaters, air heaters, floor heating systems and ducted systems - in short, wherever venting is required. They can withstand glycol, salt, kerosene and fuel oil 1, and can be used in conjunction with any other liquid that do not harm the constituent parts.

Benefits with AIREX
1 .Automatic.
2. Minimum of maintenance.
3. Overflow protected.

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